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Reminder:Unit 7 Inclass assignment: Monday, May 30th

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Course outline:
Summary Notes for Units 3-6

Solutions to geometry assignment



June 3
Students should work on reviews for exam
May 26
Geometry Task and Exam Review
Complete Unit one and two exam review
May 19
L7.5 and L7.6 Cones and Spheres
This will be due next week (thursday)
pg. 447 1-3,8,9
pg 454 1ac,2,4,5,13ac
pg. 459 1ac, 2-5
pg. 465 1ac, 3, 4, 7,8
May 17
L7.4 SA and Volume of Pyramids
pg. 441 1,2,7,8,11,16
May 13
L7.3 SA and Volume of Prisms
pg. 441 3-6,9
May 11
L7.2 SA and Volume of Cylinders

May 9
Test Unit 6

May 5
L7.1 Perimeter and Area of composite shapes
Review for test
Homework will be due on Wed. after test
pg. 423 1a, 2a
pg 432 1, 2, 4, 10, 12
May 3
Went over quiz solutions
Achievement check questions P407 #12 Pg 409 #10
Went over some of the questions from review

April 7
L2. Angle relations in a triangle
Complete handout (do not do text questions)

April 5
L1. Getting Ready for geometry
Review of angle properties and terminology
Finish questions from handout. Correction for Unit 5 test. See attached solutions.
April 1
Geometre Sketchpad (computer lab)
Students must complete vocabulary page notes handed out in class using their textbook
Mar. 30
Unit 5 Test
Summary for this unit is due Friday.
Mar. 24
Review for unit 5 test
Complete all review questions for unit 5 ( I will attach solutions here by Friday)
Mar. 22
L5.8 Linear Systems
pg. 348 #1,2 (must be done by hand on graph paper),7,9
Mar. 11
No Homework. Have a great March Break.
Mar. 9
L5.7 Finding the equation of a line given two points
pg. 1ab, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9
Mar. 7
L5.6 Finding equation of a line given slope and point
pg.355 #1-3, 5,6
Mar. 3
L5.5 Parallel and Perpendicular lines
pg. 328 #1-7(DO NOT NEED TO GRAPH ANY), 8, 9a
Mar. 1
Review of Friday's work
Review for quiz and finish EQAO questions
Feb. 25
L5.4Graphing Methods and EQAO
(supply teacher)
If EQAO not completed in class than please finish for homework
Feb 23
L5.3 Graphing x ans y intercepts
Reviewed unit 4 test
pg. 319 #1-3, 5, 6
Feb 15
L5.1 Slope y-intercept form

Feb 9
Work on review and summary notes
complete review and summary notes
Finsh Review for unit 4 test
Feb 3
Review for Unit 4 Test
Make sure you have completed upto level 2 questions(minimum)
L4.9 First Differences
pg.284 c1, 1,2,3a,4,6,7,9ab,10ab
L4.8 Continued...

L4.8 Direct and Partial Variation
Handout Direct variation #1-6
L4.7 Slope of a Line (formula) and rate of change
pg.267 c2, 1-7
L4.6 Slope of a Line (graph)
pg. 258. 1-6,9,9adef,12a
Jan. 18
L4.5 Cartesian Plane
Investigation of role of m and b in y=mx+b
Bell work p.91 C1,C2
pg 91 #1, 3-5,7,11(level 4)
L4.4 Distance Time graphs CBR
Complete investigations Barbie/ heart beat
Complete heart beat investigation and heart beat investigation
Jan. 12
L4.3 Investigations
No homework
Jan. 10
L4.2 continued
We will be conducting barbie task next class. Read instructions

pg 83#1,3,4c,5-7, 11(level 4)
Jan. 6
L4.2 Line of Best Fit and Trends
Corrections for Unit 3 test
Have parents sign test
Summary for unit 3 will not be accepted after Monday Jan.10
Jan 4
L4.1 Scatter Plots
Page 63.-64 C1, 1-5 draw graphs by hand or print out excel graphs

Unit 4: Relations
Text p.57-99
Unit 3 Test solutions


Dec. 13
Dec. 9
Dec. 7
Nov. 29


Review for Unit test
L3.5 Modelling with Formulas
L3.4 Writing Equations
Review package : Teacher away
L3.3 Solving Equations with Fractions
L3.2 Solving Multi-Step Equations (part II)


Review Part II : Handout

Page 214 C3, 1-3, 6, 8

Page 226 #2-7, 9, 10, 13a
Review package to be handed in for assessment.

Handout- Solving Equations with Fractions
Handout- Verifications (checks LS vs. RS) Done in class
Page 200 #4-7, 9acf, 13, 14
Nov. 24
L3.2 Solving Multi-Step Equations
Went over Unit 2 Test Solutions
Handout - Finish all questions
Nov. 22
L3.1 Solving Simple Equations
(See resources: algebra tile ppts. equations 1 and 2)
p. 192 # C3, 3, 5, 8, 9, 12ac, 13, 14 (Check's not required for this homework)

Unit 3: Solving Equations
Text p.182-233